Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Academy Leadership Team

Executive Principal Mrs C Hoods-Truman
Deputy Principal Mr P Hunt
Deputy Principal M C Clements
Assistant Deputy Principal/ Yr 5 Class Teacher Mr N Beattie
Middle Leader/Yr 6 Lead Mr S Willacy
Middle Leader/Yr 4 Lead Miss Wood
Middle Leader/Yr 3 Lead Mrs A Ecclestone
SENCo Mrs Bregu


Class Teachers

Year 6 Mrs Bate
Year 6 Miss Stewart
Year 5 Miss Brice
Year 5 Miss Southwell
Year 5 Miss Eadie
Year 4 Miss Prosser
Year 4 Mr Holman
Year 3 Miss Waters
Year 3 Mr Hirst


Teaching Assistants

Year 3 Mrs Thomas
Year 3 Mrs Pudge
Year 3 Miss Jennings
Year 4 Mrs Young
Year 4 Mrs Szurminski
Year 4 Mrs Butler
Year 5 Miss Norris
Year 5 Mrs Douglas
Year 6 Mrs Lawson
Year 6 Mrs Cockerill
Year 6 Miss Woodward
Senior Learning Mentor Mrs G Mardenbrough


Administration and Support Staff

Finance Manager Mrs K Harbach
Data, Attendance & Administration Mrs Trowman
Administrative Support Miss Greenaway
Receptionist Mrs Rashid
Site Manager Mr J Watkins