Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

Positive Consequences (Rewards)

Across Oasis Blakenhale Academies’ Primary Phase, we believe that children should be encouraged to behave well and work hard and we use a number of positive reinforcements to foster good behaviours for learning. Whilst our aim is that children should work and behave well for the pleasure of the task, we recognise that rewards are sometimes necessary and appropriate. The following list of positive rewards is not exhaustive:

•          Non-verbal rewards such as a thumbs up sign or a smile;

•          Praise/positive affirmation;

•          Showing work to another teacher, a Year-Group Leader, or member of the ALT;

•          Stickers;

•          Certificates;

•          Letter home/telephone call/text to parents;

•          Displaying work;

•          Positive and constructive comments written on the child’s work;

•          Child selected for an End-of-Term Award;

•          Good work assemblies

·         Carrot tokens.

The Carrot Token system is the Academy’s main cross-cohort system and is explained in more depth below. 

The Carrot Rules

Who can give carrot tokens out?

  • Classroom teachers (except if a child is in your class);
  • Teaching assistants (except if a child is in your class);
  • Executive Principal; (Gold token worth 50 carrot tokens)
  • Deputy Principal; (Silver carrot token worth 25 carrot tokens)
  • Assistant Principal; (Bronze carrot token work 10 carrot tokens)
  • Dinner supervisors; (Green carrot tokens worth 5 carrot tokens)
  • Sports coaches; (Blue carrot tokens worth 5 carrot tokens)
  • Office Staff;
  • Site Managers;
  • Any visitors entering the school;
  • Cleaning staff;
  • Kitchen Staff.

What can a pupil get a token for?

  • Good manners;
  • Showing courtesy;
  • Leaving a door open for another person;
  • Talking about their learning;
  • Being respectful to others;
  • Being respectful to school equipment;
  • Helping;
  • Dealing with a negative situation in a positive way;
  • Producing carrotastic work!


Carrot token Collection

  • If a pupil receives a token then they have put it straight into the class carrot collection box.
  • Carrot tokens will be counted once every month.
  • Class winners will be told in the celebration assembly (see Assembly Rota).
  • The class with the most tokens will win an afternoon off-timetable and £20 to spend on a prize of their choosing.

You can download our Behaviour Policy here.