Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Rights Respecting

Rights Respecting Steering Group 

 At Oasis Academy Blakenhale, the children are at the centre of everything we do. To demonstrate this, we are delighted to be a UNICEF Rights Respecting School that has earned its bronze award and working towards its silver award. This accreditation means that we are a school that champions the United Nations’ Convention of the Rights of the Child and have embedded the principles of the Convention into school through our ethos, policies and curriculum.

We want children at Oasis Academy Blakenhale to learn about their rights and feel empowered about their education. We recognise that rights and responsibilities are equally balanced and encourage our children to take responsibility for their actions so they can develop an awareness of how they might affect the rights of others. The aim is to help children achieve their potential and become responsible, respectful and active citizens who positively contribute to society. 

Oasis Academy Blakenhale's 'Rights Respecting Steering Group' is a group of children and adults who meet together regularly to discuss, plan and drive forward everything we do as a Rights Respecting School.

Our representatives are made up of children from Years 1 to 6, with one member from each class. The children are voted in by their classmates and then are giving the opportunity to write a letter expressing their interest to chair the Steering Group – we currently have two Rights Respecting Chairs.

What can parents and carers do to help their children? 

     Talk to your children about what rights they have. 

  •     Show your children how they can promote these rights at home.   
  •     Remind your children about the differences between wants and needs. 
  •     Allow your children to take on small responsibilities at home. 
  •     Watch the news with Your children and talk about issues they may have seen or heard where the rights of others may have been violated. 
  •     Use the language of rights and responsibilities and discuss how you can promote these values at home, in the local community and the wider world. 


For more information on children's rights please CLICK HERE