Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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Miss an art lesson? Below are a range of art websites including competitions you may be able to enter and a number of drawing programmes.


A range of art videos available for all ages – younger children will need to be supervised to ensure age appropriate videos are accessed. Click here

Create your own masterpiece! Click here

The (Really) Great Outdoors Contest 2020 click here


Doodle for Google  competition click here

No Limits Foundation art contest click here 

State-fish art contest

click here

Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  Ages of 6 – 17 can submit artwork for the contest.  Click here 

The National Park Service and National Fossil Day partners are sponsoring an art contest to celebrate the 11th annual National Fossil Day. Click here 

Online Art Game

For Quick, Draw Art click here 

To access Auto Draw click here

How to draw a T-Rex

How to draw a cat