Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Science Home Learning

Website with a range of resources on many areas of science.  Resources free but will need to register. Click here

A range of science videos available for all ages – children may need to be supervised to ensure age appropriate videos are accessedClick here 

Find out about a range of science topics click here

Science quizzes on a range of topics click here

Crash Course Science

Crash Course Kids is a YouTube channel and website with 100s of videos for many science topics.

YouTube channel 


Squad up!

Play as Lava, Geo, River or Sky, join the Earth Squad and explore our planet’s habitats. Work your way from Rookie to Pro on each of the game’s habitats: the vibrant rainforest, the busy city and the wild savannah. Click here to begin your mission

The living world

Human body


Forces and motion

Light and sound


Earth and space

Working scientifically