Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Healthy Living

At Oasis Academy Blakenhale Junior we are committed to promoting specific healthy life styles choices such as healthy eating and physical activity. We support not only the children’s academic achievement, but also their physical, emotional and social development. We believe that a happy, healthy, safe and caring environment is a precursor to raising achievement and attainment. Encouraging healthy choices around food and physical activities contributes to this.


Food ingredients are often used for the demonstration of concepts and to make the content of lessons relevant and engaging to pupils e.g. understanding fractions in Maths, money management, drawing up tables to record surveys related to food, physical and activities, reversible and irreversible changes in science. In PATHs and Science lessons, children are taught about healthy food choices and the relationship between diet and physical activity and the importance of both.

Food and Nutrition

In KS2 the children participate in cooking lessons which promote healthy choices, teach about where food comes from and the various ingredients needed to make products.

Physical Education

Each week children participate in P.E. lessons which build on their skills and stamina. The importance of teamwork and taking turns is promoted through playing a variety of games as well as learning to be a good sport.

The teaching of the PE curriculum is supported by Fit4Schools, who carry out fitness tests at the beginning and end of each term.  This includes delivering a highly enriched PE curriculum, with units of work, which include a full range of sporting activities.  Throughout each unit of work focused assessments tasks are carried out to monitor and improve pupils skills and performance.  Fit4Schools also run after school sports clubs run most evenings with different year groups.

School Lunches

Meals are planned on a weekly rota and changed termly to give variety and healthy choices to our children. Our provider, City Serve, work alongside us to ensure that a range of foods are offered and children have the opportunity to try new things.

Visits and Visitors

During the year we invite various organisations in to talk about food and nutrition e.g. Tesco's scheme etc.. We also encourage classes to visit local restaurants to find out how food is prepared.