Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The Academy is committed to helping all students flourish regardless of their specific needs. We believe that each child matters and it is our responsibility to support them to reach their full potential. 

After consultation with students, parents and the community, the SEND policy has been reviewed and finalised based on the new Code of Practice.

SEND Local Offer Support for your child at Oasis Academy Blakenhale Junior. 

Our job is to help your child achieve the very best they can at school. You know your child best and you may feel that they need some additional help or support for some or all of their time at school. This booklet is to inform you of the types of support available for your child at Oasis Academy Blakenhale Junior. It will help you understand who can help and how this support can be accessed. 

Pupils with special educational needs are supported by every means possible in the Academy. The new curriculum is fully differentiated and ensures that all pupils can access a full range of learning opportunities.

The ALT monitor pupil progress in all subjects using the data collected half termly. Students who are not making sufficient progress are identified and attend bespoke intervention groups. Teaching and learning is also monitored by a robust quality assurance calendar to ensure all students are accessing Quality First Teaching. After this, if students are still not making enough progress then they are identified as 'SEN Support' and a personalised Pupil Profile is produced, this details their targets and the support provided to meet their individual needs.

The SENCo supports class teachers and practitioners with the accurate identification of pupils with additional needs and maintains a regularly updated provision map of support.  The ALT ensures all statutory requirements are met and pupils, parents and carers are provided with transparent and coherent information about their child's needs and progress. Full advantage is taken of support from external agencies and providers; capacity is also built within the Academy’s own workforce through targeted CPD and training.

Teaching Assistants, including Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HTLAs), will be deployed according to their skills and qualifications and the impact of all waves of intervention will be carefully monitored by the ALT.

Interventions, including small group work and 1:1 tuition, will focus on:

  • Phonics and reading
  • Basic skills (writing and mathematics)

If you have any SEN queries please feel free to contact our SENCo, Mrs Julie Pope, on telephone no. 0121 783 3960.